Business Leader of Entertainment
MI games is operating studios for development of online games and mobile games,
all of the people in the world can enjoy our games.
MI gives the best fun and experiences to all over the world by the business of various entertainments based on games.

MI Games is the professional company for making mobile, online games and publishing them in and outside the country which is founded in 2012 to service properly fun and experiences with the theme of “Amusement” lacked for the modern people.

We maximize the effect by progress of custom-built marketing in tune with the markets as building the perfect intranet for online and off-line.
Game Publishing
We do directly service the PC games/ mobile games developed by MI in Korea, and we are servicing overseas superior games for Korean users by sourcing.

Moreover, our games are servicing in the global market by partner companies.

사업자 등록번호 : 409-86-31704 | Tel:1566-8387 | FAX : 062-525-0190
E-mail : migames@mimobile.co.kr